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NEW - Reflective Lace Accessories (RLA©)

NEW - Reflective Lace Accessories (RLA © )

AS you already might know, we are The most innovative softreflector company in the industry - being always first with innovative ideas, introducing new and exciting reflective products to the whole world.

RLA © is extremely practical, yet cool accessory. Once You attached to laces, not noticeable for the owner, but noticeable for everybody else! With these You can drop the thought “I’m I visible in the dark?” - You definitely are❣️ 

This product will change the concept/idea of reflectors once again - reflector can be a trendy accessory which does not feel pushed-forced on! It is a product which suites anybody regardless of age or gender 😎

And, this product does not need a “season” - it can be worn throughout the year!

We have designed a full line of RLA© in different shapes and sizes. Shop here !

Yours faithfully

Softreflector LLC