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What should be the size of the certified reflector?

There are only few number of high quality reflective material producers in the world ( they are located in US, no-where else ) who can provide premium quality certified material which can be used for making certified pedestrian reflectors. Even Chinese admit that they don't have any material producer who could offer stable good quality reflective material and there is a good reason why; to fulfill the requirements, the backside of the material must have millions of small prisms pressed to the film - over 7000 prisms into 1cm2! 

All prisms tips must be pointed to the same direction as well, otherwise the reflector will not mirror the light back to its source. It takes enormous effort to reproduce so tiny prisms in the density mentioned above. 

Bad thing for the customer is that it is impossible to estimate material quality visually at the daylight. Therefore companies who are able to make that kind of material are using certain marking to separate their product - reflective material without any marking is probably counterfeit ( this applies for EN13356:2001 products - for road safety it can be different ).
3M for instance has 3 little triangles in its material - the triangles make a pattern as they are placed about 1,5 cm distance from the next 3 triangles. Dark Aid uses 3M Scotchlite material when making its products.