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What EN13356:2001 means?

The EN13356:2001 directive standard specifies the optical performance requirements and surface area requirements for accessories intended for non-professional use, and intended to signal the user's presence visually when illuminated by vehicles on dark roads. The accessories can be worn, attached to or carried by persons. This standard does not apply to garments.

There are 2 ways to present the certificate:

  1. The producer sends the products for testing to accredited laboratories and get documentary which corroborates that the product is tested officially.

  2. The producer applies the standard to its products/packing without official document (without an official laboratory’s testing) and takes sole responsibility that given certificate corresponds- and is in accordance with the law. If the compliance statement is untrue, the producer will face the consequences in court.

The EN13356 includes 3 types of accessories:

Type 1: Free hanging, such as reflective hangers or dangle tags.
Type 2: Removable, such as slap wraps and arm bands.
Type 3: Mounted, such as adhesive stickers.

The maximum thickness is 10mm