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Are the EN471 and EN13356 certificates the same?

No, definitely not!

EN471 (currently revised as EN ISO 20471:2013) directive is meant for protecting clothing. It applies to the people who work on or near a roadside, whilst they go about their day to day jobs (firemen, police, ambulance, road workers etc.). 130cm2 - this is the minimum standard for high visibility clothing! It means at least two 5cm high bands placed around the body! Even the material is canvas, the technology is glass bead, which means when the product gets wet, it starts to lose its reflectivity - the glass on the canvas is unprotected from the environment. It is calculated so: when under the rain, there is enough reflective area which will keep the person safe. Note! Those stuffed animals are not and cannot be EN13356 certified!

The EN13356:2001 directive standard specifies the optical performance requirements and surface area requirements for accessories intended for non-professional use, and intended to signal the user's presence visually when illuminated by vehicles on dark roads. The accessories can be worn, attached to or carried by persons. This standard does not apply to garments.

The standard identifies 3 types of accessory:
Type 1: Free hanging, such as reflective hangers or dangle tags.
Type 2: Removable, such as slap wraps and arm bands.
Type 3: Mounted, such as adhesive stickers.

Maximum thickness 10mm