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What does " EN13356:2001 " mean?

This number combination puts together European Directive which subsumes all the non-professional safety items. This number is given out with certificate and only to reflective product producers if their products are produced accordingly to the law. Only professional-accredited laboratories have the right to give out this kind of certificates.

For the producer it means that the producer has to make certain shape and measured samples, send them to the laboratory where those samples are tested. The testing includes brushing, sinking, scratching, reflectivity test in cd/lux (reflectivity measure), soaking, washing at different temperatures etc. IF all those requirements are filled, the certificate is given out. As a client, if you have a doubt in your heart that the reflective product you have bought is not certified or doesn't comply with the certificate which producer has presented, you can always ask the distributor or producer to show you the certificate - producer MUST guarantee that the product is what they claim it is. Read it through very carefully and if something doesn't look right or logical, turn to Governmental Road Service or to Consumer Protection Agency.

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