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Dressed for Success

Success makes fresh ideas come to life. It requires free thinking, determination, innovation, passion, courage and commitment to excellence.  Success is our thing, our lifestyle, our way of thinking. That is why Softreflector exists.  Free thinking - With a young, enthusiastic and creative team Softreflector has the ability to think outside the box, creating solutions where others see only problems. This is at the heart of everything we do, and we lead others because of it.

Determination - Big goals and a desire for success are nothing without determination. This is our way of thinking, and it has made Softreflector known all over Europe. We promise it, and we act by it.

Innovation - Our innovative design and production methods have changed reflectors forever.  No longer just a reflector, but a growing range of accessories to match a persons own thinking and individual style!

Passion - We enjoy what we do and we want others to enjoy it too. We are passionate about our products and our aim is for that passion to be infectious.

Courage - Daring to try new things is an important part of what we do. Its keeps us fresh, keeps us successful, and keeps us in front. If something hasn’t been done before, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Where others say “no”, we dare to say “Yes!”.

Excellence - Mediocrity is not in our language.  Everything we do is aimed at producing excellence and doing so consistently without compromising the safety of our products.